With more than three decades of electrical circuitry and embedded software design experience, this expert witness has helped a wide variety of clients develop products for the consumer electronics, industrial controls, and telecommunications industries.  End products he has worked on range from portable diesel burners to underwater rebreathers and exploration vehicles.

This expert witness is a seasoned member of Barr Group’s expert witness team.  Admitted to the U.S. District Court as a testifying expert, he has performed many source code reviews, as well as provided testimony before judges and juries for many high-profile patent, copyright, DMCA, and product liability litigation cases. Industries of expertise include automotive, software, telecommunications, and television. This individual is a clear and persuasive communicator with the ability to explain technical issues in terms a jury can understand. In addition to their engineering and expert witness work, this expert is a prolific blogger and has published more than a dozen magazine articles about the design of embedded systems. 

Expert Witness Experience

Intellectual Property Expert (IP); Patent Expert; DMCA Expert; Product Liability Expert; Source Code Reviews; Reverse Engineering

Testimony Experience:  Deposition, Trial


Electronics and Software Development:

Electronic hardware design; embedded software design; embedded system architecture

Programming Languages:

C, Assembly

Notable Projects

  • A testifying member of the Barr Group team that analyzed Toyota's electronic throttle control software to identify causes of unintended acceleration via software malfunction.

  • Design of a highly fault tolerant distributed data acquisition and control system for a SCUBA rebreather with overall responsibility for system architecture, hardware design and layout, embedded software development, and documentation.

  • Design of the electronic systems and software for a highly sophisticated underwater vehicle capable of generating 3-D maps of flooded passages at depths to 500 feet.

  • Owner of six U.S. patents


Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering