Barr Group's computer science expert witness team comprise of senior-level engineers and esteemed professors in the areas of computers, computational systems, computer security, and software engineering. 

Our expert witnesses provide computer system analysis, reverse engineering, testimony and technical consulting for computer and software-related litigation involving a wide range of technologies of varying levels of complexity.


The following are just a few of Barr Group's expert witnesses. To be matched with an expert witness or create a specialized team of experts designed to provide the most accurate and thorough evaluation needed for your case, contact us.

Expert Witness #MB600

Automotive Electronics; Consumer Electronics; Cybersecurity; Industrial Controls & Automation; Internet of Things (IOT); Medical Devices; Mobile Devices & Wireless; Telecommunications

This expert witness is a former adjunct professor of electrical and computer engineering with many years of hands-on software engineering experience. Internationally recognized as an expert in the field of embedded software process and architecture, he has testified as an expert witness in cases involving issues of reverse engineering (including DMCA), interception of encrypted signals (Federal Communications Act), patent infringement, theft of copyrighted source code (including trade secrets issues), and product liability.

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Expert Witness #MG650

Automotive Electronics; Cybersecurity; Internet of Things (IOT); Mobile Devices & Wireless

This expert in computer science focuses on the fields of cryptography and computer security, specializes in privacy-enhanced storage systems, anonymous cryptocurrencies, virtual machines, mobile devices, disaster recovery, and distributed storage. This expert has been involved with cases including patent infringement and validity to mobile devices and operating system software, including theft of copyrighted source code to computer security, interception of encrypted signals, virtual machines, and backup technology. This expert witness is currently an Associate Professor.

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