For the secure storage and transmission of confidential business information and e-commerce data, it is essential that all related enterprise network hardware and software be impenetrable.  Networking equipment and systems such as servers, proxy servers, encryption devices, and firewalls, along with Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), middleware, database and data analytics systems are critical to maintaining the security of these systems.

Barr Group's e-commerce and enterprise software expert witnesses are experienced practicing software developers, computer scientists, cryptographers, and professors who provide technical consulting, systems analysis and testimony in the following areas:

  • Computer science
  • Database architecture (Oracle, SAP, SQL, Microsoft)
  • Information management systems (TPS, MIS, EIS / ESS)
  • Enterprise & wireless network (LAN, WLAN, SAN, EPN, VPN)
  • Cybersecurity & cryptography
  • ​ISO 20022
  • E-commerce payment systems (Credit / debit card, smart card, e-wallet, netbanking, mobile payment)
  • State-of-the-art software & firmware development
  • Blockchain

Representative Experts

The following are just a few of Barr Group's expert witnesses. To be matched with an expert witness or create a specialized team of experts designed to provide the most accurate and thorough evaluation needed for your case, contact us.

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Computer Programming Experts

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