Barr Group's ecommerce enterprise software experts provide code reviews, architecture and systems analysis, and testimony for products that require and enable the secure storage and transmission of confidential business and financial information.

Our team of software developers, computer scientists, cryptographers, and academics specialize in the design and development of networking equipment and systems such as servers, proxy servers, encryption devices, firewalls, Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), middleware, database and data analytics systems.

Technical expertise on our team includes, but is not limited to:

  • Computer science
  • Database architecture (Oracle, SAP, SQL, Microsoft)
  • Information management systems (TPS, MIS, EIS / ESS)
  • Enterprise & wireless network (LAN, WLAN, SAN, EPN, VPN)
  • Cybersecurity & cryptography
  • ​ISO 20022
  • E-commerce payment systems (Credit / debit card, smart card, e-wallet, netbanking, mobile payment)
  • State-of-the-art software & firmware development
  • Blockchain

Representative Experts


Expert in high reliability business computing systems, large-scale software development projects...


Expert in programming languages, real-time software, embedded firmware, bus interfaces, disk...