Barr Group's Intellectual Property (IP) expert witnesses are senior-level engineers and professors in the fields of electronics and software development.

With over two decades of technology development, reverse engineering, and design analysis experience, our experts have provided valuable source code reviews, expert witness reports, testimony, and technical consulting for electronics and software related cases in the United States and Canada.


The following are just a few of Barr Group's expert witnesses. To be matched with an expert witness or create a specialized team of experts designed to provide the most accurate and thorough evaluation needed for your case, contact us.

Expert Witness #MB600

Automotive Electronics; Consumer Electronics; Cybersecurity; Industrial Controls & Automation; Internet of Things (IOT); Medical Devices; Mobile Devices & Wireless; Telecommunications

This expert witness is a former adjunct professor of electrical and computer engineering with many years of hands-on software design and implementation experience. Internationally recognized as an expert in the field of embedded software process and architecture, this individual has provided testimony for a wide number a intellectual property and software patent infringement cases involving technology such as, but not limited to, mobile devices, set-top boxes / DVR technology, electronic gaming software and equipment, and other safety-critical applications.

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Expert Witness #JS536

Cloud Computing; E-Commerce & Enterprise Software

This expert has extensive experience in high reliability business computing systems and software development projects, and is a practicing expert witness in application software engineering. He has specialized application expertise in financial products and services, particularly bank corporate services. Knowledge spans from legacy systems to workstations, distributed processing, database, client/server, browser, and mobile technology.

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Expert Witness #NJ520

Automotive Electronics; Consumer Electronics; Cybersecurity; Industrial Controls & Automation; Internet of Things (IOT); Medical Devices; Mobile Devices & Wireless Telecommunications

With more than three decades of electrical circuitry and embedded software design experience, this expert witness is a seasoned member of Barr Group’s expert witness team. Admitted to the U.S. District Court as a testifying expert for patent infringement cases, he has performed many source code reviews, as well as provided testimony before judges and juries for many high-profile hardware and software patent infringement, software copyright, DMCA, and product liability litigation cases. This individual is a clear and persuasive communicator with the ability to explain both hardware and software-related technical issues in terms a jury can understand. 

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Expert Witness #DS530

Automotive Electronics; Consumer Electronics; Cybersecurity; Industrial Controls & Automation; Internet of Things (IOT); Medical Devices; Military & Aerospace Electronics; Mobile Devices & Wireless; Telecommunications

This former Director of Engineering has more than two decades of product development and project management experience in a broad range of embedded systems and products. His industry experience spans consumer electronics, industrial controls, and telecommunications as well as safety-critical medical devices and automotive electronics. He has provided reverse engineering support and testimony for several IP and patent infringement cases in the United States.  Specialties include, but are not limited to, automotive electronics, safety-critical devices, and wireless technology.

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Expert Witness #MG650

Automotive Electronics; Cybersecurity; Internet of Things (IOT); Mobile Devices & Wireless

This expert specializes in privacy-enhanced storage systems, anonymous cryptocurrencies, virtual machines, mobile devices, disaster recovery, and distributed storage. He is a member of the technical advisory board for several key industry cryptography organizations and has authored more than fifty academic publications. Cases this expert has been involved with range from patent infringement and validity to mobile devices and operating system software, including theft of copyrighted source code to computer security, interception of encrypted signals, virtual machines, and backup technology. This expert witness is currently an Associate Professor.

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Expert Witness #JG524

Automotive Electronics; Consumer Electronics; Cybersecurity; Industrial Controls & Automation; Internet of Things (IOT); Medical Devices; Military & Aerospace Electronics; Mobile Devices & Wireless; Telecommunications

With over forty years of experience working in the embedded systems, this expert witness is among the most widely respected technologists in the industry. This embedded systems hardware and firmware expert currently advises companies, lectures, and has authored six books and thousands of articles about embedded systems. He has worked on many classified government projects and has held various security clearances, including Top Secret/Special Intelligence, and has worked with electronics and software patent infringement cases and other legal disputes.

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Expert Witness #SL350

Automotive Electronics

This expert witness is an electrical engineer with over 30 years of experience in the development and deployment of automotive electronic systems, including safety systems - airbag controller and vehicle stability systems and aftermarket electronics such as fleet management controller. Electronic subsystem experience includes motion and location sensing, hydraulic and electrical actuation, and cellular data communications. He has provided consulting and testimony services for many auto-related litigation cases.

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