From mobile devices to vehicles, home appliances and other otherwise everyday items now have the ability to connect, communicate, and exchange data over the network known as the Internet of Things (IoT). 

Through the integration of embedded computer hardware, software, sensors, and actuators, IoT and edge computing devices provide additional functionality, information, and convenience for their end users.  However, the complexity of the design of today's smart devices also increases the risk that consumers will become the victims of product hacking and/or malfunction. 

Barr Group's electronics, software, and internet expert witnesses are experienced electronics engineers, software developers, computer scientists and professors who are knowledgeable in the following critical areas of IoT and edge computing technology:

  • Cybersecurity & cryptography
  • Embedded hardware design
  • Software & firmware development 
  • Embedded system security
  • Information technology
  • Mobile & wireless computing
  • Network architecture & distributed computing systems
  • Software architecture


Representative Experts

The following profiles are just a few of Barr Group's expert witnesses. For more complex technologies and cases, experts can be assembled into teams to ensure that all aspects of the technology in question are thoroughly evaluated by the appropriate subject experts.

Computer Programming Experts

Computer Science Experts

Computer Security Experts

Data Communication Experts

Electronic Design Experts

Embedded Systems Experts

GPS Experts

Intellectual Property Expert Witnesses

Medical Device Design Experts

Patent Infringement Expert Witnesses

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Experts

Product Liability Experts

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Software Experts

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