This cryptography and computer security expert specializes in privacy-enhanced storage systems, anonymous cryptocurrencies, virtual machines, mobile devices, disaster recovery, and distributed storage. He is a member of the technical advisory board for several key industry cryptography organizations and has authored more than fifty academic publications. Cases this expert has been involved with range from patent infringement and validity to mobile devices and operating system software, including theft of copyrighted source code to computer security, interception of encrypted signals, virtual machines, and backup technology.

This expert witness is currently an Associate Professor.

Expert Witness Experience

Patent infringement and validity expert; Theft of copyrighted source code; source code reviews 

Testimony Experience:  Deposition, Trial  

Notable Projects

  • White hat hacker and independent evaluator of cryptography-based digital security systems
  • Testified as an expert witness at trial and in deposition in cases involving a range of subjects from patent validity and infringement to hacking and the security of satellite transmissions
  • Owner of six U.S. patents


Ph.D. in Computer Science