Barr Group's experts help lawyers better understand the software at issue in patent infringement cases so they can win with judges and juries. 

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Patent Infringement Expert Services

Barr Group's software experts provide expert witness services for plaintiffs and defendants in U.S. District Court and International Trade Commission (ITC) proceedings, including:

  • Reverse engineering
  • Infringement contentions
  • Claim construction
  • Markman tutorials
  • Source code reviews
  • Expert reports
  • Witness statements
  • Deposition testimony
  • Trial testimony

We have a demonstrated ability to quickly assemble teams of code reviewers to match the size, scope, and complexity of any project.

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Software Patent Infringement

A patent is one form of legal protection for a software invention. The patented software could be, for example, a whole computer program, a user interface, a library or other component, or an algorithm.

Patent infringement occurs when another company or person copies the invention--without the permission of the patent holder--in a country where the patent is in force. Permission to use the patented software is normally granted in the form of a license.  In the United States, infringement may include the use, sale, or even import of an unlicensed product.  

In the event of patent infringement litigation, both plaintiffs and defendants require expert witnesses.  A software expert witness helps a lawyer by reviewing source code and related documents to provide expert reports and testimony.  In the process, a software expert provides the legal team a deeper understanding of how the infraction is committed and how to properly present this to the court in simple and easy to understand terms.

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