For over 20 years, Barr Group's expert witness team has provided comprehensive examination services for litigation involving electronics IP and software and patent infringement.  Recognized as leaders in electrical engineering, software engineering, computer science and product development, our experts have consulted and testified for dozens of cases, helping clients identify how the ideas, methodologies, and constructions behind the development of electronics and software products relate to intellectual property and patent laws and rights. 

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Claim Construction and Evaluation Services

Barr Group's IP and patent infringement software expert witness team provides the following services:

  • Claim Construction
  • Source Code Discovery
  • Software Source Code Analysis
  • Forensic Testing and Analysis
  • Expert Reports
  • Expert Testimony for Depositions, Hearings, and Trials

Our teams are staffed based on the size, scope, and complexity of each case.

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Sample Patent Infringement Case Portfolio

Mobile & Wireless Devices

Product:  Smartphone
Case Type:  Patent Infringement against multiple parties

Consumer Electronics

Product: DVR technology
Type of Case:  Patent infringement


Product:  Slot machines
Case Type: Software Patent infringement

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