For over 20 years, Barr Group's electronics and software experts have been trusted by both the engineering and legal communities to analyze computer systems and software with the purpose of uncovering the root causes of system vulnerabilities.

Many of our experts are internationally recognized senior-level computer scientists, engineers and academics in the subjects of state-of-the-art engineering practices for electronics design, mechanical design, computer programming, software design, and cryptography for safe and secure electronic products and software. 

All Barr Group expert witnesses are pre-vetted and have the highest levels of knowledge, experience, and communication skills in their fields. 

Litigation support services provided for electronics and software product liability cases include:

  • Electronics product failures or malfunctions
  • Electronics software or firmware failure
  • Electronics design defects
  • Electronic hardware and software security breaches
  • Electronics hardware testing
  • Electronics and software recalls
  • Software testing

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Product Liability & Failure Analysis Services

Barr Group experts offer cost-efficient end-to-end litigation support services for product liability cases, including:

  • Source Code Discovery Planning
  • Software Source Code Analysis
  • Hardware and Software Reverse Engineering
  • Embedded Hardware and Software Safety Audits
  • Embedded Hardware and Software Security Audits
  • Forensic Testing & Analysis
  • Expert Reports & Testimony

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Sample Product Liability Case Portfolio

Automotive Electronics

Product:  Engine Control Software
Case Type:  Class action lawsuit, product liability

Medical Devices

Product:  Medical Infusion Pump
Case Type:  Product liability, Software quality

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