Barr Group's internationally-recognized software expert witnesses perform source code review and analysis services for clients involved in electronics and software litigation and disputes. With expertise in software development, software architecture, electronics design, and programming to maximize embedded system security and safety, our expert witnesses have been trusted by the legal teams in high-profile technology cases.

We believe that all engineering analysis work should be technically accurate and efficient.  Through careful planning at the start of each project, our experts streamline the source code discovery process and provide thorough and unbiased analysis of some of the most complex software source code in the automotive electronics, telecommunications, consumer electronics, gaming and IoT industries. 

Source Code Analysis

Barr Group’s software source code analysis include:

  • Software source code discovery assistance
  • Source code review and analysis of related design documents
  • Run-time simulation and software analysis
  • Expert reports and depositions
  • Expert testimony at bench and jury trials

Barr Group source code review team members are experts in the design of electronics as well as software development in the C, C++, C#, assembly, Java, and other programming languages.

Software Review Teams

Barr Group's expert witness teams are assembled based on the specific needs of each client’s case. Teams can be as small as a single expert witness assigned to provide services from discovery through testimony. For cases requiring more complex technology analyses, larger source code review and analysis teams are created and led by a testifying expert.

Multi-person source code review teams are typically comprised of professional software engineers experienced with similarly designed types of products and/or the industry of the product(s) at issue.  All expert reports and expert testimony resulting from software source code reviews are provided by the testifying expert.