For over 20 years, Barr Group's software expert witness team has been trusted to analyze source code for software copyright infringement and trade secret theft legal disputes within the United States.

Our software experts are pre-vetted and well-respected senior level computer scientists, software developers, and academics with the highest levels of knowledge, experience, and communication skills in their fields. Litigation supported by our experts involve both domestic and foreign entities. 

Services provided for software copyright infringement and trade secret theft legal disputes include:

  • Software architecture, data structure, control structure, data structure, and information architecture
  • Abstraction-filtration-comparison (AFC) testing
  • Identifying and classifying protected and non-protected elements of software source and object code
  • Fair use of reverse engineering

To ensure that clients receive the most technically accurate analysis using the most cost-efficient methodology, Barr Group expert witness teams are custom-staffed based on the size, scope and complexity of the case.

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Sample Software Copyright & Trade Secrets Case Portfolio

Telecommunications Equipment

Product: Cellular Base Station
Case Type:  International Trade Secret Theft


Product:  Video Game Software
Case Type:  Software copyright infringement, trade secret theft

Consumer Electronics

Product:  Printer Software
Case Type:  Software copyright infringement

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