Barr Group's experts help lawyers better understand the software at issue in product liability cases so they can win with judges and juries. 

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Software Copyright Expert Services

Barr Group's software experts provide expert witness services for plaintiffs and defendants in software copyright infringement and trade secret theft lawsuits, including:

  • Trade secret identification
  • Disassembly from executable binaries or object code
  • Interrogatory and discovery assistance
  • Source code reviews and comparisons
  • Abstraction-filtration-comparison (AFC) testing
  • Structure-sequence-organization (SSO) analysis
  • Expert reports
  • Deposition testimony
  • Trial testimony

We have a demonstrated ability to quickly assemble teams of code reviewers to match the size, scope, and complexity of any project.

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Software Copyright vs Trade Secret

A copyright is a key form of legal protection for a software invention. The copyrighted software could be, for example, a whole computer program, a user interface, or a library or other component.
However, a copyright cannot by itself protect the ideas or algorithms underlying a piece of software like a patent could. Copyrights instead protect the specific expression of those ideas in
a specific implementation.

Another form of intellectual property protection for software is a trade secret. Unlike patents and copyrights, which are generally made part of the public record so that they will be offered legal protections,
trade secrets can only be protected if the owner demonstrates the use of "reasonable efforts to maintain secrecy". Trade secrets are protected in different ways in different countries and, in the United States, also subject to state laws.

Litigation relating to copyright infringement and trade secrets theft of software typically results when a former employee or partner company with access to the software source code steals some or all of it to
more quickly build a competing product or service. When that happens, the lawyers for the plaintiffs and defendants both require the assistance of software experts, such as those at Barr Group.

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